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Juoksuporukka Harjulla

About HHub

HHub is a fast-growing ecosystem based on preventive health and sports expertise, which comprehensively supports human optimal performance and wellbeing. Unlike most ecosystems, we are passionate about wellness, not illness.

We combine top facilities, smart data and the latest know-how to create an optimal environment for growth. Together with our network’s individuals, researchers, product developers, coaches, trainers, sports clubs, national sporting associations, businesses, and investors, we gather and share the best know-how about the sporty lifestyle as part of holistic wellbeing.


We generate new potential, growth and better life for the humankind

Our operations support strong and sustainable growth, focused on the right contacts, securing finance and real opportunities for business expansion.


Together we'll create a global benchmark for wellbeing

HHub offers indispensable help in building a value chain for sports, health, well-being and performance with international impact.

City of Jyväskylä coordinates HHub ecosystem work and website.

Our mission is to reinforce the networks of Jyväskylä’s trade and commerce sector and to help companies to grow. To your business, we’re a reliable partner focused on solutions. We know the local networks and work swiftly to enable growth, no matter what situation your business finds itself in. Our mission also includes encouraging domestic and international businesses to establish themselves in Jyväskylä and developing a concept for doing so, as well as creating an attractive ecosystem, especially on the designated urban development platforms.

City  of Jyväskylä's Business Development Services are coordinating the innovation ecosystem work in Jyväskylä. Innovation ecosystem work is part of the Finnish government's Innovative Cities and Communities program.

In the agreement made between City of Jyväskylä and the Finnish state is agreed on the two strategic innovation ecosystem spearheads in Jyväskylä: sports, health promotion and wellbeing and industry renewal. 

The coordination work is publicly funded by the Regional Council of Central Finland (ERDF). 


Regional Council of Central Finland



Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment


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European Union


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