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Sport Finland - Innovation
network for sport, health and wellbeing

Do you want to be involved in solving problems related to people not feeling well and thus support the success of Finnish business?

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Play better together – ​Effective innovations and business through joint efforts

Challenges related to people’s health and wellbeing are real time bombs in society. Change for the better takes place through partnerships as well as renewed and new solutions, in other words innovations and business. The Sport Finland network encompasses an active group of companies, universities, research centres and other players to de-fuse the ticking time bombs, supported by cities. By combining national and international excellence in sport, health, wellbeing and other fields interested in promoting welfare, we implement collaborative and socially effective innovation processes and accelerate their outcomes in business.

At the moment, the network is developing creative alternatives to promote physical activity in various environments, both in the life of work and in leisure time. This takes place by focusing on the conception and implementation of innovations based on data and knowledge and by supporting their implementation in companies. Join us in finding new ways for physical activity!

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News from the network

Active Cities – Cities as builders of opportunities

Three sports cities set the ball in motion. The cities will arrange a place for you in the appropriate team for the right innovation games and make it possible for you to proceed from the local league to national and international level by integrating expertise throughout Finland and making its results visible in the world.

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Jyväskylä as a driver for thriving business

Jyväskylä puts things in motion, focusing on the innovative and evidence-based development of the wellbeing business together with others.

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Lahti as a promoter of sporty business

In the network, Lahti manages the creative development and international exports of the sports business using its solid know-how of sports events and tourism.

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Kuopio as an ambassador of healthy business

Kuopio accelerates the utilisation of data that supports wellbeing within a healthy business.

Co-create – Playbook for the network and collaborative innovation

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Join the winning team

In the Sport Finland network, you can find like-minded partners to make innovations with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Engage in experimenting with new tactics

In the Sport Finland network, you can become inspired in InnoLive seminars and contribute to the creation and further development of innovations that combine ideas, data and information, and test the innovations with the contribution of InnoLab workshops.

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Be prepared to win the tournament

In the Sport Finland network, you can integrate innovations into your success with the InnoSystem acceleration services that provide optimum growth conditions.

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Events within the network


Alisa Heikkinen
Project Manager, Sport Finland network
+358 40 675 3066
City of Jyväskylä

Juha-Matti Haapsaari
Project Manager, Sport Finland network
+358 44 482 6904
City of Lahti

Santtu Pirskanen
Project Manager, Sport Finland network
+358 44 718 2521
City of Kuopio

The Sport Finland network is implemented as a joint project by the cities of Jyväskylä, Lahti and Kuopio between April 2023 and December 2024. The project is based on ecosystem agreements between the government and university and university centre cities (InnoCities), and is funded by the Regional Council of Pirkanmaa, which grants support for projects with a responsible leader from the European Regional Development Fund in accordance with the policies and specific objectives contained in the programme “Innovation and skills in Finland 2021-2027”.