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Ten innovative Health tech and AI companies in the International Venture Academy 2023 are

The International Venture Academy (IVA) is a program dedicated to innovative startups. The program aims to help the participants to improve their readiness to obtain funding from investors. In Finland, IVA is organized for the fourth time this year in cooperation with HHub. This year the program specifically targets artificial intelligence, health technology and cyber security startups.

Read more about this year’s programme here.

Intensive but rewarding bootcamp in Jyväskylä

During the four-day bootcamp, coaches work closely with companies for up to ten hours a day. Startups will be working on their blue ocean and go-to-market strategies, VSEM (vision, strategy, execution, and metrics) strategy framework and crafting their killer pitches, and getting sparring with their finances.

 – We prepare and spar the participants in every way so that they can convince not only domestic but also foreign funders, says the Lead Coach Jean-Louis Brelet.

 At the end of the week, the entrepreneurs have fine-tuned their market position, they know how to talk to sell their product or service, and they know how to word their company story and business model in a convincing and inspiring way. The bootcamp culminates on its last day: the week's learnings are acid-tested in a pitching competition, in which funders from at least Finland participate.

The top two companies will get tickets to Business Rally Investor Day in August 2022 and the possibility to pitch their business idea at the EBAN Investor event this autumn.

How to craft a good elevator pitch? Read tips from IVA coach Audra Shallal here.

IVA-programme-2023-1The Bootcamp contains many workshops and valuable sparring from extremely seasoned business angels.

Meet and greet the growth ecosystem players

You are welcome to join us for Ecosystem Get-together with beer and pizza on Tuesday 7th of June from 16-18 at the Startup Factory (Kympinkatu 3C), Jyväskylä. A great chance to meet and network with EBAN, IVA start-ups, ecosystem partners and the Startup Factory! 

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More details:

Nina Rautiainen, Ecosystem Lead 
HHub – The Nordic Health, Sports and Wellbeing Ecosystem 
Business Jyväskylä / City of Jyväskylä

The programme is funded by ERDF funding in accordance with the ecosystem agreement signed between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the City of Jyväskylä.