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International Venture Academy included a 4-day Bootcamp, which culminated in the pitching finals on Friday, June 10. The top 2 startups were selected by the programme jury including investors from EBAN and FiBAN. This year’s venture academy involved seven (7) Smart Health and Wellbeing startups from Finland to South Africa.

The top 2 startups of the International Venture Academy 2022 were BioCertica and TEZTED. The programme included an intensive four-day Bootcamp live in Jyväskylä, where all the companies got valuable sparring from seasoned European angel investors on their pitching, market strategies and investment readiness. On the final day of the Bootcamp, startups pitched their business cases for the investor jury. 

BioCertica – Precision selling through genetics

BioCertica is a health tech company that helps businesses hyper-personalize their clients’ online user experience using genetics. Solution is a personalization platform leveraging consumer genetic data securely and with consent. Combining a consumer’s personal, medical and genetic data intoa digital identity allows BioCertica to securely link a business’s products and services to the exact genetic needs of the consumer.

Link to BioCertica’s website.

TEZTED is innovating the way tick-born diseases are diagnosed

Tick-borne diseases will affect 35% of the global population by 2050. Currently, patients have testified that it takes over 11 different visits, doctors, and tests to get a proper diagnosis. TEZTED offers TICKPLEX, a first-of-its-kind complete diagnostic test for tick-borne diseases. The test enables clinical laboratories to test multiple patients for several microbes associated with the disease and three disease stages, simultaneously at a 90% cost reduction for the patient.

Link to TEZTED’s website.

TEZTED was selected in to the top 2 most investable companies on the International Venture Academy.

These two companies got tickets to pitch their businesses at the Business Rally Investor Day on August 4th, and invitations to the EBAN Investor event this Autumn, which enables the startups to capture the attention of angel investors around the world.

International Venture Academy offers valuable investor connections European wide

Four-day Bootcamp pushed startups into a steep learning curve that sharpened their business presentations to be investor-ready. During the Bootcamp, companies worked on their blue ocean and go-to-market strategies, VSEM (vision, strategy, execution, and metrics) strategy framework and crafted their killer pitches.

  • The seven participated startups were Wellpro Impact Solutions, TEZTED, BiopSense, DentalMammoth, Nutri-Flow, ACT head impact tracker, BioCertica.

During the Bootcamp startups were re-thinking their customer segments, focusing on the core of their businesses, identifying also potential business opportunities, and how to communicate their business ideas in a short pitch.

The programme was organized by Business Jyväskylä, FiBAN and EBAN run for the 3rd time this year. During the investor programme, companies engaged with European angel investors as well as got personal sparring to sharpen their growth plan, products or services.

The programme jury consisted of a seasoned group of European angel investors

  • Jean-Louis Brelet, EuropIA Capital, President & co-founder
  • Alain Pujol, Angels Santé/Angels for Health & Founder of APHC Consulting
  • Audra Shallal, angel investor & CEO of BOSS Consulting
  • Annukka Mickelsson, Chair of the Board, FiBAN
  • Nina Rautiainen, member of FiBAN & Innovation Ecosystem Lead, Business Jyväskylä
  • Lev Dolgatsov, the President of the Estonian Business Angels Network
  • Ari Jaaksi, Professor of Practice at the University of Jyväskylä & investor

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