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The turnaround to a healthier everyday life can be found in data related to physical activity, sport, health and well-being and its research and business potential. Jyväskylä, Lahti and Kuopio have set up the Sport Finland network, which strengthens the use of both data and the knowledge it generates in research, development and innovation.

- The cities of Sport Finland are united by a burning desire to export Finnish expertise to the world. The aim is to open up markets for domestic companies to demonstrate their services. We are opening opportunities and creating trusted connections to the world, says Nina Rautiainen, Program Manager at Business Jyväskylä.

According to Ilja Venäläinen, a sports facilities planner for the City of Kuopio, there are certain problems with the use of sports data that require solutions.

- We need to find a way to make secure use of the data collected by businesses in the public sector. We set out clear rules and a playbook for the use of data in innovation.

How does Sport Finland differ from, for example, the internationalisation work of Team Finland and Business Finland?

- Precisely because of the regional connections. Cities are able to provide a basis for effort and help companies at home, says Nina Rautiainen.

According to Rautiainen, international success requires going global.

- Internationalisation does not just happen at home and from your own office. Growth requires courage and financial risk-taking. And also network capital.


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